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Whether at the doctor, in the authorities, at the hairdresser, in workshops or in front of restaurants - our online waiting lists put an end to long waiting times. By the innovative call-up system allows you to flexibly wait in the café next door, comfortably at home, or productively at work. A look at your smartphone tells you exactly when it's your turn.

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Working undisturbed

Your customers can put themselves on the waiting list. Already from home or on the way, even on site without registration. Your forecasts correct themselves automatically in case of delays. All live and without annoying phone calls or interim questions to employees.

Bind customers

Your customers are switching to competitors instead of waiting for you? Stunn them with special service and bring the queue to their phone. Customer satisfaction will spread with your new call-up system.

New opportunities

Do your customers have to work for themselves during normal opening hours? Offer the opportunity to perceive previously impossible appointments: for example, in the morning or during flexible breaks.

Spontaneous needs?

Things are moving faster than planned? If the next customer doesn't show up, this gap will automatically be filled. Quieter times automatically lead (new) customers to you - such opportunities really good time bargains!

Less outages

Customers can be late. That happens, but it does not have to be like that. Reliably inform by notifications. Your call-up system does that automatically for you. You can even send individual e-mail and text messages (SMS).

Better informed

Are you worried about avoidable idle times? Make it easier for your customers, to let you know if something comes in between. Pushing a simple button informs you. Without unpleasant phone calls.

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